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Saudi Survey of Preparation of Countries Related to Hajj in 2020

Director-General of Hajj and Umrah Implementation of the Ministry of Religion; Nizar Ali said the Saudi Arabian government would soon announce the implementation of the 2020 pilgrimage shortly. Nizar hopes the Saudi Arabian government will announce the implementation of the pilgrimage, not cancel it.

“This is the latest news from Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, this can be carried out in connection with our pilgrimage,” Nizar said in a written statement on Monday (4/27/2020).

Nizar explained, before announcing the implementation of the pilgrimage, the government of Saudi Arabia first did a survey related to the preparation of the application of the pilgrimage 2020. The study involved 25 countries.

According to Nizar, a survey of the 25 countries was carried out by the Saudi Arabian government to find out how prepared the organizing committee of the pilgrimage was for each country. Because the current condition is that there is a COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is a survey conducted by the Ministry of Hajj, in this case, is the planning of Saudi Arabia when becoming a participant of the World Hajj and Umrah Convention that conducted a study or survey of the 25 richest countries with the readiness of Hajj in each country,” he said.

Nizar hopes that the survey can become input for the Saudi Arabian government to open the haj pilgrimage or cancel it. According to him, of the 25 countries surveyed, only 15 states had returned the forms.

“The survey will be expected as input for the Ministry of Hajj or for Raja Salman in making policies or decisions related to the preparation and steps of each country related to COVID-19,” he said.

Nizar explained, the current situation of Saudi Adab was conducive. According to him, the Saudi Arabian government plans to reopen malls, shops, and other public facilities on Thursday.

“There is information that we get that is a bit relieved from the development of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia now because on April 29th, on Wednesday all the malls and then the shops of the cafes were allowed to reopen, this seems like there are signs good for us, “he said.

Saudi Arabia News

The Six Most Mustard Places to Pray in Mecca

Several places in Mecca must be used for prayers. In other words, in those places, the prayers offered were not rejected by God.

What place? This is it.

  1. Multazam

This is the place between the door of the Kaaba with the corner of the Black Stone. This place is the perfect place for Muslims to pray.

  1. ZamZam Well

A well located about 21 meters away from the Kaaba can also be the right place.

  1. Muzdalifah

This place is located 10 km from Mecca. Yes, Muzdalifah, who is between Arafat and Mina, is very good for praying.

  1. The area behind the Tomb of Ibrahim

This is a mandatory place that should be visited to pray during the Umrah or Hajj, right after performing the seven rounds of tawaf and worship and say a short prayer at Multazam, behind Ibrahim’s tomb that Muslims are circumcised in prayer.

  1. In the Kaaba

It’s not just anyone who can get into it. Only certain people who have received permission from the King of Saudi Arabia, such as the President and his family, when performing Umrah.

  1. Under the shower of the Kaaba or Miz

The location is in the direction of Hijri Ismail. But at the time of the Prophet Ibrahim AS, this shower does not exist.

Saudi Arabia News

Condition of Religious Tourism Destinations Affected by Corona Virus

Every year, Saudi Arabia houses more than 2 million Muslims who make the hajj. And every year, they receive more than 18 million Umrah pilgrims from all over the world. But the outbreak of coronavirus outbreaks, making Saudi Arabia temporarily stop its services.

While the Vatican, which is a religious tourism destination for Catholics, is also careful about the coronavirus. The following conditions are religious tourism destinations that are disrupted by the coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia

After appealing for measures to protect the two holy cities, Mecca and Medina from the coronavirus. Saudi officials decide on new rules such as the closure of the two mosques between the Isha prayer and the Fajr prayer and the prohibition of carrying food in the two regions.

Safa and Marwa Hills inside the Great Mosque in Mecca will also be closed until the pilgrimage ban is lifted. Zamzam water containers in both mosques will also be closed. The steps were taken after the local government closed the inside of the Haram in Mecca until Friday prayers. The closure allowed the cleaning team to disinfect the tawaf area near Kabah.

Images scattered on social media show empty tawaf areas because worshipers are forbidden from entering the mosque, known as the Grand Mosque, during cleaning.


The church that was built in the Bethlehem region, the place of Jesus’ birth was temporarily closed after allegations of the coronavirus were spread. The Palestinian Ministry of Health calls for local churches, mosques and other institutions to be closed, after several suspected cases of coronavirus infection, which occurred in a hotel in the city of Bethlehem, in the West Bank of Israel.


The director of the Vatican Press Office, Matteo Bruni, told reporters that Vatican health services had been temporarily closed. The temporary closure is to disinfect facilities, which are used for outpatient services.

He said the steps were taken after a patient tested positive with Covid-19.

Bruni also told reporters that the Vatican is considering ways to avoid the spread of the coronavirus or Covid-19.

“In connection with the upcoming activities of the Holy Father, the Holy See and the Vatican City State, steps are being studied to prevent the spread of Covid-19”.

The diocese of Rome has also cancelled all “non-sacramental activities”. These activities include catechism classes, marriage preparation courses, retreats, pilgrimages and most other group activities.

Apart from these precautions, the church’s charitable activities towards the poor will not stop. Local churches are encouraged to keep public kitchens open and provide shelter for homeless people and refugees while respecting Italian directions for hygiene and sanitation.