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5 Things You Must Know Before Traveling to Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities in the United Arab Emirates, which is very famous in the world. Dubai became one of the icons of “luxury and grandeur” of the world. Dubai is a city that is increasing and has even become one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The rapid development in the tourism sector has managed to attract tourists every year. If you want to know the beauty and luxury of tourist attractions in the city of Dubai, visit the city. If you want to visit Dubai, you must first do the following:

1. Dubai is a super safe city

Dubai is one of the cities with the lowest crime rates in the world. Dubai is a super safe city in the world, maybe more reliable than in Indonesia. According to the World Economic Forum; Dubai ranks as the second safest city in the world. So no need to worry about being robbed if the streets of Dubai, because Dubai is a safe place and low crime, we can relax more.

We safely walk alone or take a taxi at night safely in most areas of Dubai. But be careful when walking and crossing the road, because there are many vehicles such as cars and motorbikes that don’t pay much attention to pedestrians or are often rash. So if you want to cross or are walking on the side of the road, you should always be vigilant.

2. No need to be a millionaire to go to Dubai

As we know, Dubai is the wealthiest city in the world. Maybe we often see on the internet if a lot of rich people in Dubai ride a sports car, and some even maintain a tiger. But to go to Dubai, we don’t need to wait to be a millionaire first! We can travel and enjoy the beauty of the city of Dubai only with a minimal or moderate budget. In 2020 Dubai will hold the Dubai 2020 Expo to entertain various tourists from various circles. We can find hotels with millennials that are as friendly as the Hilton Garden Inn and the Rove Hotel. We can find hotels with lower middle prices.

Besides that, for food, we can also buy cheap and delicious things there, we can enjoy an affordable and cheap meal, especially on Al Muraqqabat Street and even on Al Rigga Street in Deira. For transportation, we can take the metro named DH3, which costs less than taxis or other transportation. If we can see the opportunity, then the tour to Dubai does not need to pay expensive fees, huh!

3. Dubai is a food paradise

If we are a food lover, then the right choice to spend a vacation in Dubai. Dubai itself is one of the TOP cities in food affairs and arguably a paradise for food. We can enjoy a variety of food offerings in Dubai, ranging from traditional Dubai specialities such as Emirati to French-style excellent dining food, we can find it here. Lots of restaurants in Dubai have gotten Michelin or international recognition so that experienced chefs cook them.

If you want to eat food in Dubai that is popular, then we have some restaurant references for you. First, there is The Sum of Us and Salt, which is already famous in the international arena. As for the Old Dubai speciality food, it is named Frying Pan Adventures, which offers tours for the food lover in serving traditional and diverse Dubai food, of course. So if you are food lovers, don’t forget to visit Dubai!

4. Weekends in Dubai are Friday and Saturday

If possible in Indonesia the weekend is Saturday and Sunday, then the weekend in Dubai is Friday and Saturday. That is why on two days the city in Dubai became very crowded and crowded. Usually, people stop working every Friday when Muslims start Friday worship. On Fridays and Saturdays, don’t be surprised if there are lots of crowded tourist attractions, although it may be open every day, Friday and Saturday become the most populous day. Entertainment places like clubs, for example, will be full of people partying every Friday and Saturday. Then for the mall, many people will shop even at midnight. So if you want to know how crowded Dubai is, come on Fridays and Saturdays!

5. Comfortable in terms of communication

About 90% of the population in Dubai itself is Ex-pats, ex-pats themselves are foreigners who live temporarily or settle in a country. Well, in Dubai, there are a lot of newcomers who come to stay temporarily or from various parts of the world. Therefore, when we go to Dubai, we can meet various kinds of people from multiple worlds and can also find diverse cultures. Because many people come from different parts of the world, the majority of Dubai people speak fluent English. So when travelling to Dubai alone, we don’t need to worry because almost everyone can speak English so that it will be more comfortable in terms of communication.

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