Traveling in Dubai

Attractions in Dubai

Skiing in Dubai? Of course, you can run away from the heat and get shelter inside the Mall of the Emirates, where a huge slope -400 meters- has been designed and covered with snow, ready for skiing or snowboarding. The other attraction the whole family would enjoy is the “Wild Wadi Waterpark” located in the impressive Burj Al Arab hotel and resort. The water park offers around 30 rides and different attractions so you can be there the whole day without getting bored. This city adores water, maybe because of the surrounding dessert, and they pay homage to this liquid element by the Dubai Fountain. It displays a show of water and light, created by the same people who run the Fountains of Bellaggio in Las Vegas. The Dubai Fountain has more than 6.500 lights and they can shoot water up to 150 meters, each performance is different from the previous one, and all shows are free!

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the world’s largest indoor aquarium, it houses 85 different species of animals. All these species can be seen from the outside, since it is placed within the Dubai Mall premises, and you don’t have to pay unless you want to walk through a tunnel placed inside the aquarium, or take a glass bottom boat ride or walk along the suspension bridge the zoo has inside.

But Dubai offers another kind of eye-catching attractions, built by humans, and those are the spectacular constructions and buildings who are one of Dubai’s landmarks. First of all, we can go and admire Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world -828 meters-, visitors go up in the world’s fastest elevators to get to a deck from which one has a 360º panoramic view, or even go outside to the terrace. Great experience if you don’t suffer from vertigo! And architecture lovers must to and visit Burj Al Arab, an essential part of Dubai’s skyline: it mimics the sail of a ship. It is placed on an artificial island, as well as Palm Jumeirah, artificial island composing a palm tree, and The World, an archipielago composing the map of the world. Anything is possible here !