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The Six Most Mustard Places to Pray in Mecca

Several places in Mecca must be used for prayers. In other words, in those places, the prayers offered were not rejected by God.

What place? This is it.

  1. Multazam

This is the place between the door of the Kaaba with the corner of the Black Stone. This place is the perfect place for Muslims to pray.

  1. ZamZam Well

A well located about 21 meters away from the Kaaba can also be the right place.

  1. Muzdalifah

This place is located 10 km from Mecca. Yes, Muzdalifah, who is between Arafat and Mina, is very good for praying.

  1. The area behind the Tomb of Ibrahim

This is a mandatory place that should be visited to pray during the Umrah or Hajj, right after performing the seven rounds of tawaf and worship and say a short prayer at Multazam, behind Ibrahim’s tomb that Muslims are circumcised in prayer.

  1. In the Kaaba

It’s not just anyone who can get into it. Only certain people who have received permission from the King of Saudi Arabia, such as the President and his family, when performing Umrah.

  1. Under the shower of the Kaaba or Miz

The location is in the direction of Hijri Ismail. But at the time of the Prophet Ibrahim AS, this shower does not exist.