Modern Building Tourist Attraction in Dubai

Besides having an old building that is rich in history, Dubai also keeps a magnificent building with a modern design. Even the tallest building in the world is in Dubai.

The metropolitan city in the Arabian peninsula is indeed like other major cities in the world, but this modern building does not eliminate the nuances of typical Dubai buildings.

Dubai continues to integrate its rich cultural heritage into its current architecture, with the central cultural motifs that stand out in many buildings around the city.

Burj Al Arab

If translated, the building which took five years of construction and was inaugurated in 1999, means the Arabic Tower.

The iconic screen-shaped silhouette of the most luxurious hotel in the world has made it the hallmark of modern Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab was built on a triangular human-made island that was reclaimed from the sea.

The structure of this building is like a screen rising 321 meters above the sea, offering a beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is ‘home’ to some of the most luxurious resorts in Dubai such as Atlantis, The Palm Dubai and Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

The island looks like a palm tree stretching along five square kilometres, this land indirectly adds 78 kilometres to the Dubai coastline.

Dubai World Trade Center

Dubai’s first skyscraper has a vital role in the growth of international trade for the Middle East. The inauguration of this building was carried out by Queen Elizabeth in 1979.

This 39-storey building may look dwarfed compared to other towers on Sheikh Zayed Road. Still, it remains the largest complex explicitly built for events and exhibitions as well as business tourism centres in the region.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world, about 828 meters high with 162 floors. This building is a city skyline feature that cannot be missed.

The Tower was designed by American architect Adrian Smith at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill which resembles Hymenocallis or Spider Lily – a regional desert flower.

Etihad Museum

The 2.5-hectare museum, which is located next to Union House, tells the story of the establishment of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Etihad Museum was designed by Canadian architects Moriyama and Teshima, the unique curved white roof of the museum was inspired by the shape of the UAE constitution.

The building is also decorated with seven columns, which symbolize the pen used to sign the agreement.

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